Social Media Behaviors to Avoid

Social Media Behaviors to Avoid(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Most small businesses now realize the value that social media holds for branding and connecting with customers. Unfortunately, social media also has the potential to harm a small business. Here are some tips every small business should use to avoid making mistakes online.

Automation. Avoid setting up automated direct messages or mentions that say thank you to followers. This kind of behavior seems forced and unauthentic. Sometimes it is necessary to schedule posts when you are on vacation or out of the office, but try and avoid this behavior when you have time. This will prevent your business from posting during a controversial or inappropriate time.

Ignoring Comments. In the business world every owner is likely to have a disgruntled comment every now and then. Your knee jerk reaction may be to delete anything negative, but this would not be a good decision. You need to maintain transparency and remain genuine on your social media profiles. Address the complainant post by offering an apology and a solution. Also, respond to positive comments with gratitude.

Sales Pitches. Don’t use your social media profiles solely as a marketing outlet. Spamming your followers with information about your products or services will cause them to unfollow you. Social media is a way for your small business to connect with consumers rather than sell to them.

Unfinished Profile. When you set up a social media profile, ensure that all of the possible fields are filled out with correct and up-to-date information. Many times customers will go to your page to find information such as your hours or prices. A completed profile makes your company look professional.

Lack of Personalization. Consumers are following your social media profile because they want to be connected with your brand. The messaging you send out should be individualized to reach your target audience. You can project the wrong image by posting updates that have nothing to do with your brand or industry.

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