Social Media Erupts With Images and Videos of Ferguson Protesters

Social Media Erupts With Images and Videos of Ferguson Protesters (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Yesterday the grand jury found Officer Darren Wilson not guilty in the fatal shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown that occurred in Ferguson, Mo, on August 9th.

Many took to social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to express their condolences, opinions, and belief on the matter, while other caused riots and havoc in the streets of dozens of cities.

Under the hashtags #FergsuonDecision, #AllLivesMatter, and #Ferguson, images and videos can be found on the chaos and destruction that occurred from protesters angered by the courts decision.

Many of the images and videos show complete destruction of the city, with police cars burning, tear gas being deployed, citizens yelling at camera crews, business being broken into, and protesters confronting dozens of police officials.

Ferguson was not the only city that saw protests about the case. The DailyMail reports that citizens in 90 cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington DC took to the streets to support Michael Brown by holding up signs, chanting slogans, marching the streets, burning American flags, blocking roads, and pestering cops.

Some of the many tweets and Facebook statuses about the Ferguson case include:

“Seasons Greetings outside Ferguson PD. Helicopters overhead. Smoke in the air. Small flames in distance.”

Following tactical vehicle, officers pass burning cruiser, which is making pops like it’s going to blow.”

“Paying tribute to a dead man through the upgrading of your stereo system for the price of a brick. #Ferguson.”

Not surprising about the #FergusonDecision considering this is the USA’s history.”

“We protest because we know that we will get killed if we are silent and the risks of speaking are worth it. We protest to live. #Ferguson”