Social Media in Moderation

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – So you made the leap and have started a social media presence for your business. Maybe it’s just a Facebook page, or maybe you’ve gone ahead and started a presence on all the major sites like Twitter and YouTube as well. This is a great step in connecting with your audience. We have discussed in the past that it is important to keep up and maintain your social media accounts so they don’t grow stale and lose the interest of your audience, but what about the opposite? By doing too much activity on your social media accounts, you could be hurting your reputation just as much.

Evaluate what you share, and where you share it.

There is no concrete answer to the question of “how much is too much?”, but there is certainly a limit. The best way to determine the success of your social media presence is to review the type of content you’re sharing, and whether or not it’s something that your audience appreciates and can benefit from. Posting a lot of individual images or links can “clog” your fans’ newsfeed, and you run the risk of them unfollowing your page because of it. Keep your messages frequent, but not to the point of being perceived as spam. You also need to evaluate the communication styles of each network. For example, posting several times per day on your Facebook account might be received more negatively than it would be on Twitter, simply due to the audience on each network.

Use your previous success as a guide.

If you have been maintaining your social media pages for some time, you can use your post history as a guide to how your audience is reacting to your communication. Do you get more likes/re-tweets from posting product information than you do with company news? By examining what your audience has had a better reaction to in the past, you can tailor your content to something that they will be more likely to read and share.

A good rule of thumb for managing your company’s social media presence is to simply put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you were on a social media site and following one of your favorite businesses, you would probably become frustrated if they posted several things in a short period of time. By posting on a frequent, yet still appropriate schedule, you can avoid frustrating your fans.

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