SocialZing Launches All in One Social Media Management Software

SocialZing Launches All in One Social Media Management Software(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – has been around since 2011 and is emerging as a key player in the social and mobile media marketing world.

The SocialZing platform makes it easier than ever for users to manage all of their Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Youtube, and mobile marketing posts from one simple to use dashboard. The software developed by programmers will save companies considerable money and time, and they have now included an educational platform with the membership. offers seven different products that address almost every social and mobile marketing need:

1) SocialZing – Allows users to post to multiple accounts at once. It has a post library that helps users create fresh and interesting content. It also has an autopilot feature, and a mobile app that allows users to manage everything from a smart phone.

2) PageZing – Automates the creation of multiple Facebook pages. Contains a built in lead capture form and exports leads to sales tracking system.

3) CaptureZing – Allows customers to build their own web based lead capture pages and export leads to sales tracking software.

4) MeetingZing – Makes it easier than ever for companies to arrange and coordinate video conferencing. Users may store presentations, photos and videos in an easy to use conference library. Records meetings for review at later date.

5) LeadZing – Allows users to track and manage new leads as they are generated.

6) TextZing – Allows users to manage their mobile marketing campaigns and target locally. Statistics have shown that mobile localized marketing campaigns are much more successful than traditional email marketing.

7) VideoZing – Makes it easier than ever for users to drag and drop videos, create video
newsletters that can be viewed and shared. Cutting edge technology and easy to use templates.

In addition to those products, has recently partnered with Market Motive to create an education curriculum for all members called ZingU.

ZingU is a comprehensive online social media marketing program, and may be the first of its kind. There will be instruction on creating quality content, managing social media, mobile marketing, lead generation, and much more. This important instruction will also help members utilize the software to its fullest potential.

Brian Mclane, Chief Marketing Officer at explains it this way, “95 percent of business owners out there are intimidated by the thought of having to learn how to market through social media. remains true to its motto, ‘Social Media Made Simple,’ by providing this powerful educational platform, where members can learn at their own pace with educational videos and study guides.” is committed to providing easy to use software and providing education and support to its members, so that they can become successful.

About SocialZing 
SocialZing was formed in 2011 when its founders recognized the synergy between social media, prospecting and conversion solutions. Initial technology solutions were soon launched and demand for such began to swell. Since then, SocialZing has grown to become a leading provider of integrated technology solutions focused on helping agents and organizations invite, present, and convert contacts into new customers.

This web-based system includes social media management, online presentation system, lead capture and Facebook Page generator, Video E-mail Marketing System, Text Marketing Platform… and a drip marketing system!

Headquartered in Bedford, PA. SocialZing has more than 10 years of research and experience in social media and over 35 years in software development and hosted services with many satisfied customers.