Solar VPS Introduces VPSColo Brand

(Ping! Zine) – Solar VPS announced today the launch of its new highly cost-effective un-managed Linux VPS Hosting brand called VPSColo.

There are many providers of cheap VPS hosting today. Some of these providers are decent while others are here today and gone tomorrow. VPSColo is different. The goal of VPSColo was to provide an automated VPS platform that was fast, easy and affordable. Taking the highly successful Solar VPS recipe and applying it to the VPSColo brand has created something truly powerful for the end-user.

According to Ross Brouse, CEO of Solar VPS, VPSCOLO has been in development for 6 months with significant emphasis on top notch customer service, server and billing automation and building tools to allow customers to manage all aspects of their VPS.

“We’ve designed our own administration application – VPSADMIN – which allows customers to reboot, reinstall, change hostnames, manage reverse DNS and more. In addition, customers also receive direct console access and integrated help desk support and billing through VPSADMIN. We are also currently integrating full DNS management and connectivity with our SolarRAY server monitoring software,” Brouse added.

Building on its success with Parallels virtualization and automation software, Solar VPS set out to create a new platform for the budget minded VPS user. Utilizing open-source software was critical to upholding the cost-effective nature of the VPSColo offering, however, it was equally critical to offer the end-user a fast and intuitive VPS experience. Building and expanding upon current open-source software, VPSColo will bring the best un-managed VPS experience to the industry.

“VPSColo is powered by open-source software OpenVZ which allows for fast and easy deployment of our cheap Linux VPS hosting platform and passes significant cost savings onto our customers,” Brouse added. “In addition, we use the same top quality VPS hardware and network that we do for our higher end Solar VPS brand. This means that our customers can get a premium VPS for for just 5 bucks a month. This is the industry’s best and brightest VPS offering and we are thrilled to bring it to market.”

VPSColo is just the beginning. In addition to its Linux OpenVZ offerings, VPSColo will soon begin offering Xen based Linux virtual machines., the VPSColo sister brand will also soon begin offering its Windows virtual server platform on open-source Xen.

“VPSColo was developed in conjunction with its sister brand JVDS. VPSColo is now handling all un-managed Linux VPS offerings powered by OpenVZ while JVDS will soon handle all un-managed Windows VPS offerings on Xen. While we have not yet re-launched, we look forward to providing our clients with both Window and Linux Xen support by the end of 2010,” said Douglas Hazard, Vice President of Sales at Solar VPS.

As Solar VPS continues to roll out support for Xen and Windows on its JVDS brand, it is currently offering existing customers a 60 day beta trial on VPSColo VS256 and VS512 packages.

For more information about VPSColo, please visit