Some Rules of Website Redesign – Part 1

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When designing a website, companies often base its construction on how they wish to market their business and the products it offers. Although it is critical to clearly communicate to a target audience, in this case both prospective and current customers, there are many ways to do so using a website as a hub of information. Some things, however, are often overlooked in the push to get something online as a representation of a business that is easy to navigate and provides useful information. When it comes time for a redesign, it is just as important to ensure the page has features like search engine optimization as it is to improve the quality of the content and the site’s layout. Most importantly, it is imperative to implement updates during the redesign process to reflect the current environment on the Web.

While two companies may be competitive in terms of products, services and pricing, how they present themselves to customers online can play a big part in the attention and reputation they receive. For example, a company with great reviews on its products but a lackluster and dated website could lose the interest of potential customers who are looking for a more modern business. Although, the point must be made that no matter what changes are made, the primary goal of a website redesign is to accurately communicate the unique, quality attributes of the company that make it the place of choice for those seeking your products.

Finding a balance between and product offering and an alluring website is paramount in the website redesign process. With the goal to improve functionality without abandoning a site’s foundation, avoid the temptation to overuse Flash and other special Web features. Subtle changes to the language, functionality and appearance will enhance the site while maintaining a uniformity of the company’s identity.

Later today we will follow up with a list of specific rules regarding your website redesign process.

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