Some Rules of Website Redesign – Part 2

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Earlier today we discussed why a redesign of a website can be necessary at times. Below are some ideas to keep in mind when planning your company’s website redesign:

    • Smart Scheduling – Be sure to schedule the redesign at a time when your site is not experiencing its peak in traffic. Some Web hosting packages do not provide live updates, so implementing changes to design or content may slow the website’s loading time and possibly cause other technical issues. Redesigning the site can also complicate things for customers that regularly navigate through the site on a daily basis. By making the changes when a high level of activity is not expected, you can better avoid technical complications as well as causing an inconvenience to others.
    • Simplify Navigation – Can new and current customers find what they will need easily, or will it require a lot of searching? The homepage should easily guide website visitors to the information that pertains to them. From there, content can be tailored to each respective audience with information that directly meets their needs.
    • Use Keywords – Strategically placing keywords in URLs, captions, photo tags and the website text itself can also increase the ability for your website to be placed high amongst results from major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!. When key terms are overused however, search engines flag the website as spam and may actually place it lower in search results. Using between five and ten keywords will usually help build up the site’s ranking in comparison to other relevant companies in an online search.
    • Investigate – Take a look at what other companies are doing on their websites. How are they organizing the pages? Where are their important links? How do they encourage communication? What keywords do they incorporate? Seeing what works and most importantly, what does not work can help you better understand what could benefit your business and its website.
    • Invite Feedback – Providing the option online for website visitors to give their feedback is a great method for collecting third party opinions. A simple link at the bottom of the homepage or in the Contact Us section is a great location for visitors to easily send in their comments. Take any feedback into serious consideration and if you decide to implement the ideas, make sure it makes sense to your overall goal for structure and functionality of the site.
    • Update Regularly – Current information is an essential element of any successful website. Consistently updating sections of the website with current news and product information will avoid giving visitors a negative impression of the company and help foster interest. Also, regularly adding and renewing content will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking for better placement amongst search results.

Redesigning a website requires research and a time commitment but can be greatly beneficial in the long run. A website is the first impression a customer has with your business.  As long as its content is relevant and up to date, the layout is inviting to navigate, and the design is true to the look and feel of the company, the website redesign will surely be a success.

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