Sony Battery Keeps Things Rolling for Data Centers

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – For those looking to keep small data centers functioning in the wake of disasters, Sony may have the answer. According to data center site DatacenterDynamics, Sony has revealed a new battery that works to keep data centers running should something go wrong.

The device is called the ESSP 2000 and will hit the market next month. However, if you’re thinking the device may be suitable for your data center, consider this: It comes with a price-tag of over twenty-five thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, Sony hopes to sell around thirty before the year’s end.

Specifics on the battery include its ability to charge in a couple hours and its storage of 2.4 KWH. The solution comes in the wake of the terrible natural disaster that gripped Japan, also where Sony is headquartered.

For more information, visit DatacenterDynamics: