Sony Revamps PlayStation 3 Ahead of Holiday Season

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The PlayStation 3 is receiving a makeover. On Wednesday, the BBC reported that Sony would release two new versions of the popular gaming console, thus slimming down the device’s design.

The move arrives ahead of competitor Nintendo’s launch of the Wii U in November.

Aside from a more compact console, one of the releases will feature 12 gigabytes of flash memory while the other will utilize a hard drive representing 500 gigabytes.

It’s not uncommon for console developers to revamp their flagship devices ahead of larger releases. In August of last year, Nintendo unveiled a new Wii console featuring a streamlined design with an altered configuration. Unlike its predecessor, the device sat horizontally instead of vertically. Xbox developer Microsoft has done similar re-releases.

The move could also allow Sony to operate more efficiently going into the holiday season. “A smaller form factor is not only more attractive to many consumers, it will cost less to manufacture, ship and stock,” commented HIS Screen Digest’s Piers Harding-Rolls in the BBC’s report.

Sony initially introduced its PlayStation 3 console in late 2006. Many industry analysts anticipate another big console release to be right around the corner or the tech company.