Sony To Refund PS Vita Customers Over Misleading Advertisement

Sony To Refund PS Vita Customers Over Misleading Advertisement(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The Federal Trade Commission and Sony Entertainment have settled claims concerning the mis-advertising of the company’s handheld device.

According to a statement from the Commission, Sony’s ads told users that the 3GB PS Vita was cable of playing live through the 3GB network, though this was incorrect.

“Sony claimed, for example, that PS Vita users could pause any PS3 game at any time and continue to play the game on their PS Vita from where they left off. This feature, however, was only available for a few PS3 games, and the pause-and-save capability described in the ads varied significantly from game to game,” explained the FTC in a statement.

“The FTC’s complaint also alleges that Sony’s PS Vita ads falsely implied that consumers who owned the 3G version of the device (which cost an extra $50 plus monthly fees) could engage in live, multiplayer gaming through a 3G network. In fact, consumers could not engage in live, multiplayer gaming.”

Users who purchased the device before June 1, 2012, will be eligible to receive a $25 cash refund or a $50 voucher towards PlayStation games and services.