Sophos Analyzes ZeroAccess Botnet Hitting 9 Million

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A botnet long plaguing PC users got a fresh look from Sophos recently. On Wednesday, the security firm re-analyzed the threat, noting its tactics had somewhat shifted to functioning it what it referred to a “user-mode memory.”

Nine million users have been hit with the virus thus far, and around one million users are currently harboring the botnet. In its current form, the ZeroAccess relies on tactics including bitcoin mining and fraud.

“ZeroAccess uses a peer-to-peer network to download plugin files which carry out various tasks designed to generate revenue for the botnet owners,” said Sophos.

The results of the botnet were so big, the firm noted that ZeroAccess was capable of generating its administrators $100 thousand on a daily basis.

55% of ZeroAccess infections were in the United States. Botnets have been one of the most alarming tactics used to obtain illegal funds via the interent.