Source: iPad Air Costs Under $300 To Build

Image Credit: Apple

Image Credit: Apple

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – After unveiling its iPad Air on October 22nd, we now know exactly how much the device costs to manufacture.

The cost to build the iPad Air is just shy of $300, costing $274, a report from indicated while citing IHS iSuppy as its source.

While Apple still is able to bring a 45% margin profit from the iPad Air, retailing at $499, the original tablet was actually able to bring a little more profit to Apple.

In 2009 when the iPad was first introduced on the market, the cost to build was $230 and the device was sold at $499, bringing Apple a $269 profit per tablet sold.

With many tablet competitors on the market such as the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Note, Apple may not be able to make the same profit margin as it once used to when it was one of the only companies offering tablet computers to mainstream consumers.