Source: iPhone 5S Inventory ‘Grotesquely’ Low at Carriers

Source: iPhone 5S Inventory ‘Grotesquely’ Low at Carriers(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Inventory for Apple’s iPhone 5S isn’t sufficient. In fact, it’s “grotesquely unavailable,” a carrier source recently told All Things D, according to a report on Tuesday.

Another carrier source expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of units it had received from Apple as well. That’s despite the fact that the phone is set to hit mobile carriers this Friday.

It’s unclear exactly how high demand is for the iPhone 5C. Thus far, Apple’s “for the colorful” iPhone 5C has received a bit more attention.

The iPhone 5S features improvements such as an 8MP iSight camera with larger pixels, an A6 chip and a fingerprint identity sensor.