Southern Light Unveils 3rd New Data Center in Mobile

The company started in 1998, and now has expanded to become one of the largest data providers in the country.

As more applications use higher bandwidth, the problem has become how to increase it to keep up. The solution requires updating infrastructure that has been around for decades and replacing some of it with fiber optics.

Now one of the companies working to fix this is Mobile-based Southern Light. Today it unveiled its 3rd data center in the city. The facility will help run the company’s fiber network as well as help expand that service to businesses throughout the Southern Region.

“The thing that our customers want is for their data is to be as close to the end user as possible. So that allows for better data transmission, so it’s not transmitting over long distances, so it eliminates a lot of points of failure between the server and the end user,” said Mayor Sandy Stimpson, City of Mobile.

“And to be able to say that we have 5,000 miles of fiber and that we have the foundation to be a gig city is a huge, huge selling point for our community,” said Andy Newton, Southern Light President, and CEO.

Source: Southern Light Unveils 3rd New Data Center in Mobile