SpamExperts Announces Outbound Filtering Software Feature Enhancement

SpamExperts Announces Outbound Filtering Software Feature Enhancement(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – SpamExperts, the leading provider of professional email security solutions from Amsterdam, today announced that a new Outgoing Email Filtering feature has been released. This introduces a new outgoing email report to help network and abuse administrators to quickly summarize and spot which users or accounts in their network have been hacked and are causing spam abuse.

With this announcement, SpamExperts is accelerating the pace at which outbound email filtering will impact network safety for webhosts, ISPs, telcos and public organizations, becoming part of their integral IT security strategy. The outgoing filtering solution stops spam and viruses from being sent out by abused accounts, securing network reputation.

Built of proprietary software and continuously updated based on clients feedback, SpamExperts has made major advancements in its Outbound Email filtering features including:

Enhancement for network reputation protection. A daily CSV format report, highlighting the top abuse accounts in the customer’s network.

Security improvement for end users. A feature to allow clients to specify a regular expression matching part of one (or more) header lines from their outgoing email. This allows to identify “end users” within the outgoing smarthost mailstream, and eventually lock the user based on such identification tag when spam is seen.

“The adoption rate of Outgoing Email Filtering has been phenomenal in the last year.”, said Dreas van Donselaar, CTO of SpamExperts. “Rapidly growing numbers of webhosting providers and telcos are embracing our technology as part as their IT security policy, to safeguard their IP reputation, prevent blacklisting, and increase outbound email continuity for end-users.”

Given today’s highly dynamic malware threat environment, SpamExperts constantly re-investigates how they can upgrade their products to simultaneously create value for the customer as well as for the own company.