SpamExperts Updates E-mail Archiving Solution

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Amsterdam based leading provider of e-mail security products, SpamExperts announces its improved Journaling E-mail Archiving Solution. The product epxansions are based on customers feed-back as well as on SpamExperts technical team’s vision to enhance users experience and help them achieve legal compliance.

E-mail, dating back to the early 1970s, has become the central part of our communication in the last two decades and still remains the main communication solution for businesses. To comply with an increasing number of regulatory requirements, most organizations today are legally obliged to maintain records of (specific) digital communication. Thus, businesses implement and make use of the legally and economically beneficial secure e-mail archiving solutions.

SpamExperts has the advantage of the hybrid offering, having developed both on premises Local Cloud archiving units and Hosted Cloud based archiving solutions. The improved SpamExperts Journaling E-mail Archiving has enhancements in key feature areas to help webhosts and end customers secure their e-mail, efficiently make use of existing resources and comply with requirements of hundreds of different international regulatory bodies.

News facts:

SpamExperts has expanded and improved functionality on all 4 key pillars of its Archiving Solution:

  • Secure – Besides having an e-mail backup by using an e-mail archiving solution, also, all e-mail is stored in an unchangeable and encrypted format. Storage period can be freely chosen and by combining the archiving solution with the inbound and/or outbound e-mail filtering products of SpamExperts, a clean and secure e-mail infrastructure is assured.
  • Compliant – SpamExperts Journaling Archiving refers to server side archiving, which opposite to client side archiving, does not allow end-users to determine which e-mails to archive. This is crucial for legal compliance. Journaling can help organizations respond to legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements by recording all inbound and outbound e-mail communications. Furthermore, the costs of e-discovery are strongly reduced by using an advanced archiving solution such as SpamExperts’.
  • Continuous – E-mail continuity is a necessity for all businesses. Hence, adding additional layers of redundancy in the e-mail-flow provides extra security and continuity of business and communication. The redundant security systems of SpamExperts queue e-mail in case of local mail infrastructure problems at the client’s side. Also, by adding a copy of all e-mail to the e-mail archive, no e-mail can get lost. Finally, all mail queued and/or archived can at all times be viewed web-based and clients can continue to access their business critical communication even if local infrastructure issues occur at the client’s side.
  • Accessible – The SpamExperts e-mail archives are easily accessible online at various access-levels by all the users in an organization. Moreover, e-mail archives can be easily migrated to the SpamExperts systems or moved away from SpamExperts systems, giving you maximum flexibility in choosing where you like to store your e-mail. Finally, searching and accessing archived e-mail has never been this easy and by a single click on the mouse, a copy of the original message is re-delivered!

“Journaling E-mail Archiving has become a hard requirement for any SMB. E-mail back-up and disaster recovery is no longer optional, it has become a legal issue. We remain focused in providing competitive advantages to hosting providers, as well as enterprises. Offering compliance services is a real money-maker for webhosts and reduces clients’ cost of e-discovery. SpamExperts is in line with the latest trend in powerful archiving solutions and will continue to effortlessly work in this direction.” says Sam Renkema, CEO of SpamExperts.

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SpamExperts’ e-mail security solutions are tailored to the needs of webhosts and service providers. They offer inbound & outbound e-mail filtering services, as well as e-mail archiving. Any desired combination of these different services can be selected. The services can run either within the redundant SpamExperts “Hosted Cloud” or on a ”Local Cloud” directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware. SpamExperts offers standard automation and integration plug-ins with cPanel, all Parallels products, DirectAdmin and ISPsystem. For more info, please visit

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