Spoonlabs Launches Vivvo 4.5

(Ping! Zine) – Spoonlabs is proud to announce the arrival of 4.5 version of Vivvo, its flagship news content management platform, featuring over 140 enhancements and improvements and presenting a new paradigm for profitable and effective online news publishing.

The new version offers a range of important features and significant usability enhancements, including tight integration with Google™ Analytics (GA) – a truly amazing service for marketers that will bring an important edge in evaluating the success of formats, news stories and other featured content.

Furthermore, Vivvo 4.5 is introducing a range of improvements and features including:
–   Memory-based caching, bringing dramatic improvements to site’s speed and content delivery;
–   Content Versioning (revisions) and Content Scheduling;
–   New concept of topics, giving publishers the ability to provide semantic relations to the content, cross-post across different sections, and control homepage and other sections of website with incredible ease;
–   Trashbin/soft delete function, which not only keeps articles from accidental deleting, but allows publishers to precisely manage control over who can delete articles and also to set automatic purge periods.

These important instruments in a content management process will give busy webmasters, developers and entrepreneurs tools that up to now have only been available to large media organizations and will enable them to extract new sources of revenue from online readers and advertisers.

With the version 4.5, Vivvo CMS retains its leadership position as the most cost-effective package on the commercial open source market; prices start at only $295 and $999, for the professional and the developer/server license, respectively.