Spotify Stops Chrome Extension ‘Downloadify’

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Whoops! Popular music service Spotify on Wednesday faced a pretty big problem: An extension for Google Chrome called “Downloadify” temporarily made it available for users to download any of 20 million songs, according to a report from Digital Trends.

The issue surfaced after the extension arrived on the Google Chrome Web Store.

While available, users could use it to save DRM-free versions of the music songs. Once noting the issue, Google quickly moved to remove the extension. Spotify also reportedly addressed it.

“Seems like @Spotify fixed the player 🙂 the extension doesnt work anymore. Still no official response….,” stated Downloadify creator Robin Aldenhoven via his Twitter account.

According to the report, Aldvenhoven made the extension to shed light on Spotify’s “missing encryption.”

As a music service, Spotify has become increasingly popular since its availability spread to the United States in July of 2011.