Spy Bot App for iOS Allows Remote Surveillance

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – How’s turning a common mobile device into a surveillance tool sound?

Pretty scary, right? Well it’s increasingly becoming a reality. Look no further than the recent launch of Spy Bot – an app made available for Apple iOS devices.

So how does the creepy functionality work? “For instance, you could connect your iPhone to your friend’s iPad.  Then set your iPhone down in an inconspicuous spot such as a desktop or somewhere it can blend in with the surroundings.  From the next room, you could watch everything the iPhone’s camera sees from your friend’s iPad screen and control recording,” explains the app’s developer via myspybot.com.

The company holds no qualms about welcoming people to the “World of Espionage,” but appears to have a more light-hearted take on the idea of spying. Through a slider on its homepage, one user boasts, “I used Spy Bot to set up a surveillance camera in my closet and caught my sister “borrowing” my clothes.”

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