Standing Cloud and Flexiant Partner

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Standing Cloud, Inc. a leader in the emerging platform as a service (PaaS) marketplace, and Flexiant, a UK-based cloud infrastructure software and services provider – and Europe’s original public cloud provider – have announced a partnership that brings a vastly simplified method of deploying and managing cloud-hosted applications to European cloud users.

Available in July 2011, “Standing Cloud powered by Flexiant” will marry an application layer from Standing Cloud with Flexiant’s infrastructure as a service platform, removing the mystery of the cloud for “informal buyers” who have struggled to make the cloud accessible and easy. Forrester Research defines this group to include application developers, innovative business users and service providers.

“Informal buyers come to the cloud to fulfill a business need, but are often met by a blinking cursor on a command line. By partnering with a leading cloud provider like Flexiant, we’re able to remove much of the complexity and offer true ease of use to any cloud consumer,” said David J. Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud.

“Together with Standing Cloud we recognize the need to look at things from the users’ point of view. We’ve created a service that ‘just works’, that doesn’t need a lot of knowledge or skills. You shouldn’t have to hire someone to manage your cloud computing, you should be able to do it yourself. And with Standing Cloud’s innovative application layer, you can,” said Alex Bligh, Flexiant CEO.

Earlier this year, Standing Cloud began expanding its support for data centers in the UK and Europe so that users could take advantage of the company’s ability to restore their application in minutes to another cloud in case of downtime on their primary cloud provider. For more info, read “Standing Cloud Facilitates Privacy Law Compliance in the EuroCloud.”

About Standing Cloud

Standing Cloud is the only platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables cloud users to deploy, manage, customize and/or develop applications on a variety of cloud services and with several programming languages. The service supports PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python, as well as 80+ complete open source applications that can be deployed by end users with a few clicks. Target customers include business users who want an easy way to automatically deploy and manage SaaS; developers who customize existing open source applications or develop their own from scratch; and IT professionals in search of a time-saving way to deploy applications and development environments for teams within their organization.

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About Flexiant

Flexiant is a software and services company, one of only three independent public cloud providers in Europe and five worldwide. Its public cloud, FlexiScale, was Europe’s first cloud platform and was launched in 2007. In March 2010 the company launched its flagship product, Extility, a software product that allows licensees to build their own cloud and sell cloud services under their own brand.