Star Wars 1313 Shelved Following LucasArts Closure

Too bad a stormtrooper can’t frown because this is certainly sad news!

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Star Wars 1313 has reportedly been shelved following Disney’s decision to shut down LucasArts – a division it received after buying LucasFilm for $4.05 billion in October.

Instead, LucasFilm will now focus on licensing its gaming software to independent developers, a BBC Newsbeat report noted Thursday.

“Both current Star Wars games projects have been halted,” commented LucasFilm representative Miles Perkins to the BBC.

Game enthusiasts had previously expressed concern regarding Star Wars 1313’s status following the buy last fall. During that time, Disney CEO Robert Iger emphasized a new strategy with how the company does business. “We’re likely to focus more on social and mobile than we are on console,” Iger commented, according to Polygon.

The possible cancellation, however, should come as no surprise. Star Wars 1313 is a much darker take on the franchise which would have allowed players to assume the role of a bounty hunter – exploring the criminal underworld of Coruscant (a theme that doesn’t really fit Disney’s family-friendly appeal).

Despite a smaller chance, the game could still arrive, somehow. Via a report from Game Informer, a LucasArts representative had this to say: “It is worth noting that we are looking for proven external partners who can help us provide video games to our fans. We still believe in the video game industry, we still will provide Star Wars games, we’re just looking at different models rather than internal production… They’re evaluating everything. There’s always a possibility that it [Star Wars 1313] can still come out via licensing.” 

Meanwhile, a “small team” is expected to stay on board from LucasArts to handle licensing partnerships.

Throughout its existence, LucasArts produced many hit games for both PC and console. We’re sad to see it go. Such titles include Tie Fighter, Lego Star Wars, Rogue Squadron, Jedi Knight, The Force Unleashed and the list goes on…