State of Decay DLC ‘Breakdown’ Enters Microsoft Pre-Cert Testing

State of Decay DLC ‘Breakdown’ Enters Microsoft Pre-Cert Testing(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – State of Decay developer Undead Labs on Monday revealed that its first DLC for the game titled “Breakdown” had been handed over to Microsoft for testing via pre-certification.

The company noted that entering pre-cert testing means that just bug fixes and final tweaks remain.

“First, our excellent QA team at Microsoft will spin up multiple teams on two continents for around-the-clock testing. Most of these guys were involved with State of Decay, so they are not only able to find bugs — which is always an essential task — but also help us understand where we are and are not hitting the mark for the survival experience we’re working hard to create. These guys are hard-working, passionate badasses, and we’re glad they’ve got our backs,” stated Undead Labs via a blog post on its website.

Meanwhile, the developer hopes to push the DLC to final certification testing by sometime late next week after further Q&A testing.

“Breakdown” is expected to deliver a new game system in which survival becomes harder as players progress (you can view a full blog post on the DLC from Undead Labs here).

State of Decay has been a top seller on Xbox Live Arcade since arriving in June. The game also recently launched an Early Access PC version via Steam.