State of Decay ‘Early Access’ for PC Arrives on Steam

State of Decay ‘Early Access’ for PC Arrives on Steam(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – State of Decay developer Undead Labs on Friday officially took the lid off its early access PC version for Steam.

“Boom! It’s up. But please, PLEASE – only get it if you are a true early adopter in spirit. It is not a full release,” stated the company via its Twitter page.

State of Decay’s PC version arrives with controller-only support. Meanwhile, Undead Labs has promised it’ll soon follow up the launch with more features.

“As soon as we possibly can, we will patch the game with our first, rough take on a keyboard/mouse interface. We will be actively seeking feedback from hardcore early adopters in order to refine that interface,” stated Undead Labs earlier this month.

The early access version costs $19.99. Users who buy it now will not have to re-purchase it when the full version arrives.

State of Decay was initially launched for the Xbox 360 in June.