State of Decay for PC Steam Early Access Gets First Patch

State of Decay for PC Steam Early Access Gets First Patch(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – State of Decay developer Undead Labs on Friday announced that it had released the first patch for the game’s Early Access PC version.

The game’s PC launch for Steam was previously made available during the latter half of December, initially including controller-only support.

“We are excited to announce that we’ve just dropped a big patch onto Steam for our Early Access PC version. It’s chock full of awesome – major improvements to the interface, including mouse aiming. And that resolution support you asked for. And bug fixes. And a loot distribution thing,” stated Undead Labs via a post on its website.

Upon Early Access’s launch, the game developer had emphasized that the version was intended for true early adopters looking to provide feedback.

State of Decay made its first debut for the Xbox 360 back in June. Since its release, the title has sold over 1 million copies.