State of Decay Sandbox DLC Arriving Soon but Unlikely this Month

State of Decay Sandbox DLC Arriving Soon but Unlikely this Month(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Popular game State of Decay pushes the zombie survival horror genre to a level that gamers probably haven’t experienced before.

On XBLA, the game has thrived, reaching sales levels similar to that of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Originally launched just in June, game developer Undead Labs has kept busy tweaking the tile. Meanwhile, a PC version is also in the works.

In July, Undead Labs also announced a Sandbox DLC – something the company said would focus on building a community and surviving for years in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

And while the DLC hasn’t launched yet, Undead Labs provided an update recently via their Twitter account regarding the downloadable content. “We are getting close. I don’t think it’ll be this month, though. This month is half over :),” stated the company in response to a fan question.

State of Decay TU3 just went live earlier this month, something that notably allowed NPCs to watch players’ backs. For more information on the Sandbox DLC, view Undead Labs’ blog post here (