State of Decay Sandbox DLC Enters Testing Phase

State of Decay Sandbox DLC Enters Testing Phase(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – State of Decay developer Undead Labs announced on Monday that its Sandbox DLC for the game had moved forward with Microsoft certification testing. Meanwhile, a controller-only PC version of the title is also in the works.

“Greetings! Just a note: Sandbox in testing. Controller-only PC version, ditto. I’ll have dates for you when testing is further along,” stated the company via its Twitter account.

Undead Labs originally announced the Sandbox DLC back in July. The update is geared towards giving users a more realistic approach to building a community of survivors in the post-apocalyptic zombie world.

For more information on the Sandbox DLC, view a blog post from Undead Labs here (

State of Decay has been a top seller on Xbox Live Arcade since making its initial debut back in June. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the open world zombie survival horror title would hit Steam in the near future.