Stop Churn Now!

(WebHost Blog) – As all of us in the industry know, customer churn is the “ENEMY”! It is the killer of profitability and the reason we all keep a bottle of extra strength Tylenol on our desk.

We spend $100s of dollars on customer acquisition, yet what are we really doing to stop churn. Yes we all provide great hosting services, give great support and make sure they stay up BUT is this enough.

Absolutely not! Why? Because we really are not addressing why customers quit hosting. I am not talking about the constant switching hosting companies; I am talking about the No. 1 reason why hosting customers quit hosting.

Failure to successfully market online is the No. 1 reason, hosting customers quit hosting!  Absolutely!!

Most hosting customers are hosting their web site online to sell their services and products both online and offline. Their web presence is either directly or indirectly related to their profitability YET we are not doing enough to help them market and succeed. I mean really succeed. In fact, many hosting companies stop right there..just providing hosting services & they wonder why they have high churn???

The first step to succeeding online is not having a pretty website, nor is it even about being ranked No.1 on Google (of course this is a big part of it). No it is just being visible; being found online. If customers cannot find the businesses, they cannot buy their products and services.

So the first step is being highly visible; being listed everywhere they need to be listed, across all major search engines, online yellow pages, 411 directory assistance, social networks, mobile phones, and GPS navigation devices. If their customers are finding them first, then at least they are in the game. If not, then they do not even have a chance to succeed.

Fortunately there is a simple, straight forward solution. (UBL) has come up with some simple, easy to implement and did I mention, very affordable services which make this incredibly easy for their customers.

UBL helps businesses save enormous time, money & effort having to register separately at all these locations. This includes unlimited updates, changes and best of all, distribution to all major search engines as a verified source; all for just very low price. We also have an Audit tool for large organizations to check all their locations and a new claiming service for Google, Bing, Yahoo, DMOZ and FaceBook.

Most of you know that I spent many, many years in the hosting industry, during which I analyzed this problem in great depth;  which is why several years ago I became such a strong advocate of hosting companies adding marketing services to their offerings & why I sit on the HostingCon Advisory Board – to help hosting companies understand what they need to do to overcome this issue.

During my 15+ years in the Industry, this is probably the best and easiest service I have come across for any hosting company to implement to help their customers succeed online and help stop churn. To learn more about how you can implement what is the very first step towards helping your customers succeed online, please contact me.