Stop Complaining

We all complain day after day.  We complain about little things.  We complain about big things.  We complain about things that do not make any sense.  In web hosting, the main thing we complain about is the relationship between a web host and a customer (or vice versa depending on which side of the fence you are on).  Today, we have a very special guest that will help us all curb our complaining habits.

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Meilena Hauslendale personal development author, and has been providing life guidance and insight for over 11 years.  She has published six books and in those books, her style of writing really gives the reader a step by step guide to achieving success.

Her most recent book, Stop Complaining: Your Guide to Living Life Instead of Complaining About It, really brings home the idea that you can live a much happier life if you curb your unproductive complaining and how to really redirect your energy towards bettering your life, rather than depleting it.

On today’s podcast I talked with Meilena one-on-one about not only her projects but the frustration we sometimes have when it comes to web hosting and customer relationships, or the other way around.