Storing ISO and VHD? Windows 8 Explorer Adds Support

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – If you’re wondering about specific file storage platforms via Microsoft’s unreleased OS Windows 8, then look no further than the latest post on the company’s Building Windows 8 blog. The news specifically concerns ISO and VHD files, which Windows 8 is now set to have native support for via Explorer.

Commenting on the matter, Microsoft President of Windows and Windows Live Division Steven Sinofsky stated, “While terabytes of storage are available to all of us, managing disk (or disc) image formats remains important for a number of mission-critical operations in many organizations and among power users.”

In the same post, Microsoft’s Rajeev Nagar (a Microsoft group program manager) went into detail about working with the specific file formats. Meanwhile, there’s likely to be more news concerning the VHD format as Sinofsky stated, “We know even more support for VHD is a big request, so stay tuned.”

The company previously discussed changes to Explorer in an earlier blog post, noting goals such as streamlining the command experience, creating optimization for managing, all while keeping Explorer’s classic features. Meanwhile, in the recent past, Microsoft has discussed the file management process for Windows 8, whether it includes such tasks as deleting, renaming, and moving files

The Windows 8 blog is part of Microsoft’s effort to create an “open dialogue” during the OS’s development.  For more information, visit the Building Windows 8 blog at: