Support for “Do Not Track” Signals Increased Security on Twitter

(Ping! Zine) – Top social network Twitter has joined a high-profile list of companies in support of the FTC’s “Do Not Track” feature.

“Do Not Track” provides increased security options to online users, allowing them to opt out of third party tracking available through the use of browser cookies.

For those using Twitter , there is a possible downside to enabling “Do Not Track” on the network. According to the social site, enabling it does affect a key Twitter feature. However, it came as the network reaffirmed its commitment to user privacy. “If you have DNT enabled in your browser settings, we will not collect the information that enables this feature, so you won’t see any tailored suggestions,” stated the company in a blog post.

Meanwhile, the move was applauded by the commission’s Chairman. According to a CNN report, FTC head Jon Leibowitz stated, “Twitter’s use of ‘Do Not Track’ in its new feature is good news for Twitter users and a meaningful step toward broader adoption of a strong ‘Do Not Track’ system that will give consumers simple, comprehensive control over online tracking.”

Twitter is just one of other top companies to support the FTC’s policy, an initiative made to alleviate online privacy concerns. In February, Google indicated that it would include a “Do Not Track” option in its Chrome web browser. Other companies that currently support the move include Microsoft and Mozilla.