Sureline Announces Support of Application Mobility for Amazon Cloud

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Sureline Systems is pleased to announce the launch of SUREedge 4.1, featuring application mobility from any Hypervisor, any Cloud to Amazon Cloud. Any application comprising of Physical servers or virtual machines can be migrated between data center and Amazon or from other Clouds to Amazon.

SUREedge creates application consistent recovery points across physical and virtual servers (any hypervisor) and replicates these to Amazon Cloud. System metadata information like file system, partitions, volumes and disk configuration and network configuration are captured to recreate the exact same server as AWS AMI. AWS EC2 instance is created from the AMI. The proprietary inline deduplication and WAN throttling technologies ensure minimum data transfer to Amazon Cloud.

Sureline Product Management VP Gautam Thockchom sums it all, “SUREedge is the only Application Mobility solution for Amazon that addresses Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, workload balancing, data center migration or consolidation without downtime and is completely hardware and hypervisor agnostic.”

About Sureline Systems:
Your Application and Data, Any time…
 Any Cloud
Sureline Systems, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in Japan and India, was founded in 2010. Sureline’s award winning SUREedge® is a proven enterprise-class software appliance for Application Mobility and business critical applications’ Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Unique capabilities in the SUREedge® platform include a planner driven multi-tier application mobility, instant and automatic failover, an agentless architecture, application consistent image and incremental snapshots, global deduplication, WAN throttling and zero data loss recovery points. The solution is easy to deploy, highly scalable, hardware and hypervisor agnostic and supports physical and virtual servers locally, in remote datacenters, and in private, public or hybrid clouds. Customers worldwide trust SUREedge® to meet their application mobility, disaster recovery and business continuity objectives. SUREedge® is the most complete and easy-to-use solution available in the market. For further information, please visit the Sureline website at