Survey: Facebook Users Not Taking Kindly to Profile Change

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – So far, Facebook users aren’t taking too kindly to the social network’s revamp of users profiles.

The overhaul known as Timeline is meant to make it easier for users to browse their ways through a profile’s history. Profile visitors can view older photo and friend additions, status updates and more by clicking a particular year as listed on a profile.

However, according to a survey conducted by security firm Sophos, out of four thousand polled Facebook users, only 7.96% liked the profile revamp. A drastically high number of 51.29% were bothered by the change while 32.36% fell under the category “I don’t know why I’m still on Facebook.”

Over the years, the social network has rolled out a variety of changes. Many have been initially unpopular with users. However, those using the social network have eventually grown accustomed to the additions. According the poll, 8.39% agreed they’d get used to Timeline.

Timeline represents the social network’s most noticeable change in quite some time. Other changes include the ability to set a prominent default photo and the introduction of a streaming-like wall feed.

Despite its findings, Sophos said the poll wasn’t necessarily scientific, admitting that “the kind of people who participate in our polls might be more conscious of privacy and security-related issues than the average man in the street.”

Meanwhile, top response comments to Facebook’s announcement of Timeline’s global availability last month indicated widespread displeasure among some users.

Facebook initially introduced the new profile in December but didn’t start implementing it as mandatory until just recently. Converting all profiles to Timeline will occur within the upcoming weeks. For more information on the matter, view the blog post from Sophos here (