Suspected Creator of Blackhole Malware Arrested in Russia

Suspected Creator of Blackhole Malware Arrested in Russia(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Russian authorities have taken into custody a man suspected of creating malware kits known as “Blackhole” and “Cool,” according to a BBC report on Wednesday.

The two kits were infamously sold to various cybercriminals who then used them to push malware onto unsuspecting computer users’ systems.

In the BBC’s report, Sophos researcher Fraser Howard indicated the malware was active during 2012 and the early part of this year as cyber criminals purchased it for $1,500. Meanwhile, another pricing plan included the ability to rent the kit for one week’s time for just $200.

Like some other forms of malware, Blackhole relied on vulnerabilities in Java in addition to other elements including Adobe Flash, PDF files and Microsoft Windows.

“If it’s true that the brains behind the Blackhole has been apprehended it’s a very big deal – a real coup for the cybercrime-fighting authorities, and hopefully cause disruption to the development of one of the most notorious exploit kits the web has ever seen,” commented security analyst Graham Cluley via a blog post.

Other features of the malware included fake anti-virus software to trick consumers, trojan viruses attempting to steal financial data, key loggers and ransomware.