Sweden Democrats Web Site Shut Down by Host

(Ping! Zine) – Swedish web host Binero today shut down the sites ”Sverigedemokrater.se“ and “Vaktad.se“. The domains were registered in the same Binero account under the company name of Gottfrid Swartholm Warg, founder of The Pirate Bay, while the content is hosted by Wikileaks host PRQ. When it could be proven that Swartholm was not the owner Binero shut down the domains and contacted the police. Both the sites contain personal information on people accused of sympathizing with the Sweden democrats, or being Security guards.

– The web should be free, but no wild west. We have fought hard to improve the reputation of the hosting business for years, and whenever we find faulty user information, we act. In these cases we also know that the sites have caused considerable suffering. We acted as fast as we could to contact Gottfrid, even if that did take a while. He denied both ordering and owning the sites, said Binero founder and CEO, Anders Aleborg.

From the 20th of September onwards, Sverigedemokrater.se contained names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and maps showing the way home to 5700 members of the Sweden democrat party (SD) or people who are to have requested information about the party. The information is believed to have come from an earlier hacker attack on the SD home page on April 16th. The site slogan was “Find a buddy near you“. During Thursday, the content was replaced with a torrent link leading to the members registry.

On the page Vaktad.se lay personal photos, phone numbers and adresses to hundreds of security guards, along with accusations of misuse of force or authority. 

The legal responsibility for the content on the pages lies with the vendor offering the server hosting the content, which is PRQ, also known as the host handling the content for Wikileaks. If there is a suspicion of false user information and hence breach of contract, the vendor whose name servers host the domains can also act, which is the case here.
Since its creation in 2007, Binero has worked to offer fair terms and more openness in the swedish hosting industry: no binding period, no period of notice and a refund for unused time once the service is discontinued. In 2009 the host successfully ran a two week petition “Namnbank.se“ which stopped the Post- and Telecom Authority (PTS) proposal of prior filtering of all combinations of the word “bank“ in Swedish .se-domain names. In 2009 and 2010, Binero was elected “Best Swedish web host“ by Internetworld magazine.