Synoptek partners with Darktrace, detects and mitigates malware botnet infection for leading financial services company

Global award-winning Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) and cloud-services firm, Synoptek, and Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, has detected and mitigated a large-scale malware infection in a leading financial institution’s network.

CEO, Synoptek, Tim Britt, states that financial services organizations remain a top target for sophisticated cyber-attacks, but some of these firms often do not have the resources and processes to detect anomalies within their networks. The partnership with Darktrace provides continuous operational processes that leverage AI technology to improve IT security operations.

A few weeks after deploying Darktrace’s self-learning technology, the AI algorithms alerted Synoptek’s security team to a serious anomaly in its network. Eight VoIP devices were spotted reaching out for new databases which contained the ShellShock vulnerability, a form of malware predominantly associated with DDoS attacks that performs stealthy scans of the network. The unpatched devices were managed by a third-party service provider who failed to maintain the appropriate patch levels.

Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analytics, Darktrace, Justin Fier, states that without the company’s use of Darktrace’s AI technology, it would lack even the basic visibility required for identifying this insidious threat as it was emerging. Darktrace’s partnership with Synoptek’s MSP program has allowed for companies that lack a robust security team to efficiently identify and investigate serious in-progress cyber-threats before they can do real damage.

Read the full post at Synoptek to learn more on Synoptek’s deployment of Darktrace’s AI technology and the results of the malware botnet infection mitigation.