Folding Laptop Inventor Bill Moggridge Passes Away

Folding Laptop Inventor Bill Moggridge Passes Away

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Invent the modern day folding laptop design, and surely you’re considered among the all-time great tech innovators in computer science. On Monday, ... Continue Reading →
Your Website May Need Surgery

Your Website May Need Surgery

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – … So the guy stands there with his mouth agape and says, “But Doc, why do you have to operate on my foot? The splinter is in my finger!” Why ... Continue Reading →

70 Percent Of People Don’t Trust Badly Designed Websites

UK SMEs are damaging their businesses with a poor online presence. 70 percent of people claim they would not buy from a company with a badly designed website, according to research ... Continue Reading →

British Firms Not Checking Their Mobile Websites

(Ping! Zine) – British firms are neglecting the needs of consumers accessing websites from mobile devices, according to research released today by 1&1 Internet Ltd,, ... Continue Reading →

Bad Redesigns Dont Let This Happen to You

I was asked about the refresh on Digg’s site as opposed to Facebook. Both had redesigns that people hated, but differ in that Facebook users are not leaving whereas Digg has lost ... Continue Reading →

How to Reinvent Your Online Wheel

(Ping! Zine Issue 30) – Interesting to note that this time of season seems to be filled with web sites where the powers that be have decided its a great time for a redesign. Unfortunately, ... Continue Reading →