Taiwan Accuses Apple and Xiaomi of Violating Privacy Laws

Taiwan Accuses Apple and Xiaomi of Violating Privacy Laws(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple and Xiaomi are being accused of violating privacy laws in Taiwan due to devices reportedly sending data back to the company’s servers, claims authorities.

According to PCWorld, the Taiwan National Communications Commission announced last week the claims, stating that they found as many as 12 different smartphones that violate their privacy laws.

The allegations first began in August when the NCC discovered that Xiaomi had used its smartphones to unknowingly collect data on its users. Shortly after claims that Apple had done the same surfaces, reported ModernReaders.

“The key issue is that companies have to tell consumers if they are collecting their personal data or transferring it elsewhere. Our law is quite strict,” said NCC spokesman Yu Hsiao-cheng to the Wall Street Journal.

Other tech companies said to violate the countries laws include Samsung, HTC, and Sony.