Tech Expert Talks New iPhone 5’s September Launch

New iPhone Launches September 10th(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple is set to introduce its new iPhone to the public on September 10th, according to the technology website AllThingsD, which has been consistently accurate on Apple’s previous launch dates. So what can we expect from the new iPhone features? Tech expert Karl Volkman discusses the rumored enhancements to the iPhone 5.

“There’s been a lot of speculation, but so far we’re hearing that there will be two new versions that will be showcased this September,” says Volkman. “The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, which will have different perks and are clearly designed to target different types of customers. The launch is on par with previous release dates, as Apple has introduced a new iPhone about once a year.”

The iPhone 5S is said to have the same external features as the iPhone 5; however, it will be a more efficient phone internally. The iPhone 5S will be much faster, have a better camera and could potentially have a fingerprint sensor on the home button to increase the phone’s security. “This is what Apple fanatics are looking for,” says Volkman. “They constantly want a better, newer version of the product that they already love. Hopefully, Apple can provide this without any technical problems like in previous years.”

The iPhone 5C is rumored to appeal to customers looking for a lower price point, particularly in emerging markets. The 5C is said to be made from a plastic material and will be sold in multiple colors instead of just the basic black and white. Reuters reported the 5C will start at $99. “This is a great way for Apple to attract new lifelong customers,” says Volkman. “The lower price targets customers who normally wouldn’t look to Apple to buy a phone. As Apple continues to try and maintain their status as the leader in smartphones, diversifying pricing is one way to bring a new set of customers on board.”

Additional speculation suggests Apple is also working on a television and a smartwatch, although it appears these items will not be ready for launch for the September 10th announcement.

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