Tech Giants Change the Face of Parental Leave and Workplace Culture

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Netflix recently announced that they will offer one year paid leave to their employees after they have a child (mothers and fathers alike). Microsoft in turn has offered 12 weeks of paid leave to employees, and Adobe is now giving birth mothers 26 weeks of paid time off (and fathers 14 weeks of paid leave).

Karl Volkman, CTO of SRV Network Inc., says, “As usual, tech firms are leading the way when it comes to establishing changes to workplace culture. Firms like Google were some of the first in the country to offer things like in-office gyms and healthy lunches, and now tech giants continue to be progressive when it comes to parental leave. No doubt many other corporations are soon going to follow suit.”

However, Volkman says not everyone is happy with the changes. “Some people think the plan at Netflix is too open-ended and that employees will feel pressured to return even before their year is up. If not everyone is taking a full year off, it might look bad for the employees that do, especially in such a competitive workplace.”

Still, Volkman thinks these changes are exciting and a harbinger of things to come. “As always, tech firms are leading the way when it comes to changing workplace culture, and it’s about time as many people consider America to be vastly behind on its parental leave policies.”

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