Technology Experts Predict Commercialization Will Be the Biggest Threat to the Future of the Internet

Technology Experts Predict Commercialization Will Be The Biggest Threat to The Future of the Internet (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The future of the Internet faces many problems, but the issue that concerns most experts is commercialization.

More than 1,400 technology experts and analysts were asked about their thoughts on Net Threats as part of the Pew Research Center’s Digital Life in 2025 series, resulting in four major predications.

According to Re/code experts predict the following threats the Internet will face:

-Actions by nation-states to maintain security and political control that could lead to more Internet blocking, filtering, segmentation-n, and balkanization.

-In the wake of government and corporate surveillance revelations, trust will evaporate and increase surveillance.

-Commercial pressure will affect everything from Internet architecture to information flow, endangering the open structure of online life.

– Efforts to fix the problem of TMI might overcompensate and thware content sharing.

“Nothing surprises me anymore,” said Janna Anderson, Elon University professor. “But what rings as the biggest warning in the survey is this concern over commercialization.”

Participants wrote that Internet companies and the “unchecked power” by the corporations were the biggest fear for the future, worrying about the potential to charge users to use the web.

Anderson explains why monetization is a big concern by stating the following,” “You can’t blame the CEO or the VP of marketing for finding ways to use the Internet to benefit their corporations, but it’s the drive by everyone to do that that is raising concerns. But then again, who’s to say who gets to earn a buck on the Internet and who doesn’t?”

Detailed information about these threats can be seen here.