Teenage Developers and Entrepreneurs Develop Secure, Intuitive Web Browser to Rival Chrome

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Goto Browser is an innovative web browser for Windows that is designed to allow access to the web in a way that is easy, safe, intuitive and customizable. Goto was conceptualized and developed by Kevin Shiflett and Brian Zaher, who are both 15 years old and self-taught developers. The two plan to release the beta version of Goto on February 28, 2015, at the conclusion of their Kickstarter campaign, where they hope to raise $10,000.

“I began developing my own app out of sheer summer boredom in 2013,” Shiflett said. “The idea quickly grew into building my own web browser when I realized that the one I typically used on my computer always had annoying ad viruses. I threw myself into this idea and became obsessed with creating ‘the perfect web browser’ and eventually Goto was born.”

Goto was built with security and customization in mind. The browser was built using Awesomium HTML UI to make it secure and almost immune to viruses. It also includes password-protected history to provide a safe browsing experience. Customization begins at the home page, right when users pull the browser up. Users can customize this home screen so that weather, social media feeds, and email are all placed in front of a user-chosen background. Rather than selecting the background and theme from a limited variety of options, as on other browsers, Goto allows the user to insert any image or video that they like.

Other Goto features will include split-screen browsing and voice-controlled browsing. The split-screen feature allows users to split up to four tabs onto one screen, giving the chance to do more on the web than ever before. Voice-controlled browsing is not available in the beta application, but will be present in the full release in September of 2015. It will come with default commands such as “back” and “add bookmark” but also allows the ability to create custom commands.

“We wanted to give users new ways to make their browsers unique, and we thought that features like the video backgrounds provided a new way to add personal style to your web browser,” Zaher said. “Goto also allows mini-YouTube streaming in the corner of your screen while you continue to browse other pages. We built Goto to offer a lot of unique features like this that add up to a completely innovative way to surf the web.”

The crowdfunding campaign for the beta stage of Goto began on January 31 and will run until February 28. The goal of $10,000 will be used to cover licensing fees for the release of Goto, as well as pay for outside development to fix and update the browser for its official release in September. Stretch goals include development for Mac, IOS and Android devices. A contribution of just $15 secures use of the next version of the Goto platform a month before the official release, while a contribution of $1,000 will receive the alpha version of every Goto Browser release ever. For more information on Goto and its crowdfunding campaign, please visit http://bit.ly/GotoKS.


GOTEK Computers was founded in January of 2015 with a mission to not only redefine the way that people are surfing the web, but also to show that big things come in small packages. Fifteen-year-old founder Kevin Shiflett spearheaded development of GOTEK’s premier product, Goto Browser, while fellow 15-year-old co-founder Brian Zaher specialized in user interface and design for the browser. Goto Browser is an innovation in web browsing developed with a vision to create a more secure, intuitive, and better way to browse the web. For more information, see the company’s website at http://www.gotobrowser.com/.