Teenagers Sentenced in UK Hacking Case

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Two teenagers, who were found to have hacked multiple servers as a game, stolen thousands of user bank account information, and even destroyed the operation of a web hosting firm have been sentenced for their crimes in a UK court.

Zachary Woodham, 19, a Sussex University student and his accomplice Louis Tobenhhouse, 18 pled guilty to charges related to making unauthorized modifications of computer systems. Both teens also pled guilty to lesser charges of fraud for having possessed sensitive bank account information.

The teenagers specialized in root hacking, which gave them the ability to access and disrupt server activity on web hosting sites. Disrupting one hosting site’s servers got so bad that it even resulted in the owner shutting down the site.

Both Woodham and Tobenhouse received more lenient sentences as the judge cited the teenagers’ relative youth and upcoming education. Woodham received 18 months in prison, while Tobenhouse received a 12 month community order. Both teens must carry out unpaid work and community service.

Commenting on the teens’ conduct, Detective Constable Stuart Hosking stated, “Woodham and Tobenhouse chose to abuse their computer skills causing a considerable amount of financial loss and anxiety to a number of innocent people”.

Discovery of the online criminals came after authorities shut down the notorious hacking forum Ghostmarket.net, both of whom Woodham and Tobenhouse were members of.