Temple Run 2 Now Available for iOS

(Ping! ZIne Web Tech Magazine) – There’s exciting news in the mobile gaming world: The sequel to an all-time favorite app has just been released.

According to a report from USA Today on Thursday, Imangi Studio launched the sequel to Temple Run for iOS.

Temple Run 2 adds new functionality where players now must fight for survival while swinging on zip lines and steering mine carts.

“You’ll feel at home with the controls and immediately understand how to play if you’ve played the original, but there’s going to be all sorts of things to do,” commented Imangi Studios developer Keith Shepherd, according to USA Today.

The first version of the game was so popular, it’s received more than 170 million downloads to date. In the app, users use swipe and tilt controls to lead the game’s character through temple obstacles and away from pesky monkeys. An Android version of the title, meanwhile, is expected at a later date.