Thank Your Customers for Their Online Purchase

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Most people know how and when to be polite in personal interactions, but it can be difficult to remember when and how to be polite in online interactions. If you use your business website to sell products or services, are you thanking your customers after they make a purchase? The simple gesture could mean the difference between repeat business and just a one-time sale.

Think of the last time you ordered something online. You were probably directed to a confirmation page with a “thank you” for shopping at that site. It is worthwhile for all small and medium business owners to have this page, as it can provide the shopper with a more positive overall experience. For instance, if you were running a physical store, you wouldn’t just shove the customer out the door once they bought something. You would thank them for their business and ask if they needed anything else.

The “Thank You Page” is also beneficial for the customer in that it shows them that their order was officially placed, and possibly even provides them with a confirmation number to check in on the order at a later date. Website managers should consider the following tips to optimize this page for their customers:

    • Lay out the customers’ next steps carefully. Let them know what to expect once they make a purchase, such as shipping timeline.
    • If possible, also send customers a confirmation via e-mail to let them know of their purchase details.
    • Inform the customer on the best ways to contact your business for support or other questions. This could include a phone number, e-mail address, or even social media channels.
    • Allow customers to print the confirmation page, as this can take the place of a receipt in many cases.

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