The Action Web Group Partners with Soholaunch

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The Action Web Group, a Nevada-based web host provider, announces today its partnership with Soholaunch, one of the leading website builders in the industry, through the launch of the Platinum Plus Soholaunch Ultra Package. This recent undertaking aims to encourage businesses and individuals to establish a website using the services offered by the companies.

Soholaunch, established in 1999, has made its way in becoming a top website building software company providing affordable and easy to manage site building tools for small scaled enterprises and home-based businesses. It takes pride in developing user friendly software that anyone could easily learn and utilize.

The Ultra Site Builder is the latest software development from Soholaunch that provides all the tools that you’ll need to build, launch and successfully manage a website. This one stop shop for your entire site building needs is ideal for both individual and business purposes.

With the Platinum Plus Soholaunch Ultra Package, customers could expect the following benefits:

  •           A variety of templates to choose from for your website along with an easy drag and drop program and image editing.
  •           A domain name (Annual Pricing) and web hosting that comes together with the Soholaunch Ultra software.
  •           Other features such as shopping cart, emails and a reliable technical support team
  •           Sign up and pay only 95¢ for the first month.
  •           Customers are also offered a 30 day money back guarantee!

The team up between the Action Web Group and Soholaunch is expected to encourage more customers to establish websites and at the same time provide great savings as both companies are committed to offering reasonably priced services that is right for every budget.

Visit our website to learn more about this exciting venture and other services that we offer. Interested parties can also reach us at 1-866-294-9995.

About the Action Web Group:

The Action Web Group offers affordable and professional web hosting services to businesses and individuals. The company also provides other services such as website building, web design and SEO services.