The Anti-PRISM? John McAfee Planning ‘Untraceable’ Software

The Anti-PRISM? John McAfee Planning ‘Untraceable’ Software(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Earlier in his career, software pioneer John McAfee was responsible for helping build one of the world’s most successful anti-virus software firms.

More recently, the man has been known more so for his eccentric behavior and implication with a murder investigation in Belize.

However, that hasn’t stopped McAfee from moving forward with new ambitious software plans.

McAfee recently revealed them during a discussion at tech conference C2SV in Silicon Valley. With a new company called Future Tense Central, he’s developing both hardware and software that’ll help internet users become more untraceable online.

The software pioneer’s plans arrive in the wake of spying revelations regarding the NSA and its program, PRISM.

“We don’t have much [security] anymore, and certainly not in the online world,” McAfee commented, according to a report from ABC News. “If you can give me just any small amount of information about yourself, I promise you, within three days, I can turn on the camera on your computer at home and watch whatever you’re doing.”

McAfee emphasized that the U.S. government could prohibit him from selling the offering, but noted that wouldn’t stop him for pushing it in other countries.

The software is still in development and a prototype is planned for launch within the next six months. McAfee noted that Future Tense Central’s product is likely to sell for under $100, according to ABC News.