The Elder Scrolls Online Set To Receive First Content Update Later This Month

elderscrollsonline(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving a content update later this month, adding some exciting new content to the MMORP game.

The update will introduce the “first Adventure Zone” into the game, which features a new storyline and content geared towards high-level players, VideoGamer reports.

Craglorn, the first content addition in The Elder Scrolls Online, will enable players to embark on a new 4-player quest and a 12-player trial.

“When you first enter Craglorn there’s going to be a mystery that’s set up,” says creative director Paul Sage. “The constellations are missing from the sky and you’re going to hear rumour of these beings called Celestials, and they are the Warrior, the Mage, the Serpent and the Thief, and how they’re impacting Craglorn and what’s going on is going to be what your group discovers.”

Craglorn is set to be released for free later this month to subscribers of The Elder Scrolls Online.