The Importance of a Secured Wi-Fi Network for your Home

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Even kids nowadays are knowledgeable when it comes to the use of computers. Don’t be surprised if your child already knows how to open the computer and access the internet. This age of modern technology has paved the way for the younger generation to become more literate and dependent on the use of computers.

With almost every household relying on the use of the internet, there has been a boom in the demand for wireless networks. The term Wi-Fi became very popular at an instant and everyone immediately wants to join this bandwagon even with the lack of proper knowledge about what wireless home networking is all about.

Of course being able to move freely and enjoy unlimited web access anywhere inside your home is one of the perks of having a Wi-Fi at home. But the underlying question is if you have a secured internet access. What’s the difference between an unsecured and secured wireless network? With an unsecured connection you are setting yourself up for a major breach in security and privacy.

Hackers could easily get accessed your personal information if you are using an unsecured network. Details such as browsing histories, saved passwords and email accounts could easily fall into the hands of online scammers or hackers that are just waiting for such opportunity.

If you are the owner of the unsecured wireless network, you should know that anyone within the range of your network could easily use your connection in order to surf the internet. You might be clueless and won’t realize that it has been used by others for illegal activities in which you can also be held liable because the IP address will be traced to your account. Remember that there are laws about illegal cyber activities and the account holder could face the charges instead of the hacker.

On the other hand, internet users who “piggyback” on someone else’s connection could also be a victim in this setting. Connecting to an unprotected network exposes your computer just as the same. There are also cases where a hacker could pretend to be a legitimate account holder and this wireless network is the way to attract unknowing users into its trap.

In order to protect the privacy of your information, refrain from accessing unsecured Wi-Fi connections. And as an account holder, make sure to set up a connection that is password protected and change this setting from time to time. It is also best to keep your Anti-Virus software updated and use the computer’s firewall as a line of defense against any possible online attacks.

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