The Law Report Group Launches the Cybersecurity Law Report

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) –  The Law Report Group, part of the Mergermarket Group, has just launched The Cybersecurity Law Report (CSLR), a new information service that provides business analysis of critical legal issues related to the cybersecurity, data protection and data privacy challenges facing entities across industries. In light of the ever-growing – and very public – data breaches at Sony, Target, Anthem, Morgan Stanley and many other companies, it has now become protocol for firms to understand and rightfully manage these compliance issues and best business practices.

The CSLR contains practical, plain-English guidance to assist outside and in-house counsel and compliance professionals with the dynamic issues unfolding in the cybersecurity area. Most importantly, the CSLR helps companies to protect vital information and comply with evolving state, federal and industry regulatory requirements while enhancing their bottom lines.

“As hackers become more sophisticated and regulators are increasing their interest in how companies are protecting themselves, both inside and outside counsel as well as compliance professionals are facing increasingly complex questions from their clients about cybersecurity, regardless of their specialty,” says Rebecca Hughes Parker, Managing Editor of The Law Report Group. “The CSLR leverages the model of expertise based journalism that we have employed with The Hedge Fund Law Report and The FCPA Report since 2009. Through our ongoing dialogue with general counsels and chief compliance officers, our skilled team of lawyers and journalists are able to provide up-to-date and incisive, in-depth analysis that helps companies and their counsel better mitigate their cybersecurity risks.” 

The CSLR derives its regulatory intelligence and data security insight from its in-house attorneys who leverage their extensive legal experience and networks to interview industry luminaries and procure expert perspectives, thus providing the most timely and accurate information in the field.

The scope of coverage of the CSLR is vast. Among the many topics covered are:

  • Developing cybersecurity compliance programs, including training, codes of conduct and more
  • Enforcement by various government agencies such as the SEC, FTC, FCC and DOJ as well as international authorities
  • Structuring cybersecurity leadership in companies
  • Vetting third parties for cybersecurity
  • Choosing cyberinsurance
  • Balancing cybersecurity with privacy issues

To learn more about the Cybersecurity Law Report, please visit the website at

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