The New & Improved at HostingCon 2012

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Liam Eagle, HostingCon co-chair and usual composer of this newsletter, is off on his honeymoon for the next two weeks. Make sure to congratulate him the next time you see him (which for many of you will be at HostingCon this July).

Every year, the HostingCon team strives to improve the conference. Here are the initiatives we took on in 2012 to build an improved conference experience for our attendees:

Improved Educational Sessions – Liam worked tirelessly over the last few months on the HostingCon 2012 program. His effort really shows, as the HostingCon 2012 program is the most diverse, well-rounded one in the history of the conference. I encourage you to check it out and start planning what sessions to attend.

Training Opportunities – For the first time ever, HostingCon has training sessions available to full conference attendees. A big thanks goes out to Parallels and cPanel for helping us pull this off. There are still a few training spots left so if you’re interested in signing up you can find more information at the bottom of this blog post.

An ISV Focused Tuesday Track – The market opportunity independent software vendors provide hosting companies is huge. The Industry Trends track on Tuesday will focus solely on on how hosting companies can leverage this massive opportunity, bringing in speakers from the thriving Boston ISV market to provide insights and share experience.

Government vs. Internet – The past year has been rife with controversy around legislation that affects the Internet. The HostingCon 2012 closing keynote, Legislating for the Global Good: How We Can Help Lawmakers Understand the Internet, brings together key legislative decision makers in an interactive panel session that can’t be missed.

A Bigger Exhibit Hall Floor – The exhibit hall grows every year, however from 2011 to 2012 it increased by about 20%. That’s the biggest increase in HostingCon history.

HostingCon Connect Improvements – An increased amount of messages and searches were implemented to allow attendees to more easily connect with potential business partners before the conference using HostingCon Connect.

HostingCon Mobile (coming soon) – We’ve built an entirely custom mobile website experience for HostingCon 2012, including the ability to provide feedback on sessions and speakers in a streamlined manner. Keep an eye out as the site will be launching very soon.

HostingCon Australian Symposium – HostingCon is going international for the first time. If you’re in or around Australia, join us in Melbourne on June 28th for the inaugural HostingCon Australian Symposium, the perfect pre-HostingCon 2012 kickoff event.

We hope these improvements help make HostingCon 2012 a huge success for you and your company.

Don’t forget – Early bird rates expire after June 13th. Make sure you register soon to get the best possible rate.

Rob Farrell
HostingCon Product Manager